About Me

Who am I

My name is Eternity. I do not fit into one box and I am more than okay with that. Actor, spoken-word artist, published author, host, copywriter, and fashionista (my degree is in fashion). Here to serve you in the capacity you need. My mission is to ignite a spark inside of you to live your best life. Creating full-time has always been the vision since childhood. I did not grow up with much wealth; however, I knew making my passions my paycheck would become my reality in adulthood. The arts and writing allowed me to heal from past pain, reflect and become the woman I am today. Thankful to be in a place to be fully present.

Your story is your power

Yours truly

Eternity Hyppolite

You will find the latest information about me on this page. My company is constantly evolving and growing. Providing a wide range of services. Hosting, styling, copywriting, and consulting. My mission is to provide the best solution that helps you, your business and lifestyle. If you want to contact me, please submit your email below or in the contact section. Sending you love and light!

"It's not about the destination, but the journey."