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Shine your light

Value Self-Love

I have learned and continue to learn the value of self-love.

People who claim to know God often times don’t even love themselves. Those people I do not believe.

To know God is to know yourself.

How can you love God when you don’t love yourself?

God lives within us, and in order to live life honestly, you have to carry yourself with respect, humility, peace, kindness, self-control, patience, love, joy, faithfulness and gentleness.

Seven of which are the fruits of the Spirit.


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Be true to yourself

Come Alive

What makes you feel alive? Whatever it may be, it's your duty to pursue it. Make time for what matters most to you. Life is full of ups and downs so priortizing your joy is crucial. 

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Photographers: Lindsay Hite, Gina Licul, and Elvis Matos