My Heart On Paper


a collection of my truth

This book is an open story about meeting my soulmates these past couple of years. It's also a dedication to my partner, my divine right soulmate. The man I choose to share my life with romantically. Our souls know what is right for us, let your soul and soulmates guide you. This is my story and I pray it inspires you in yours. Peace
Talk Out Loud
I pray this book is a blessing to anyone of you who has self-doubt, struggles with anxiety, childhood trauma, seasonal depression, and for anyone who may feel like you are alone. You are not alone. I am here. This book was created during a very difficult time in my life. A time of true healing, reflection, therapy, and amazing conversations. 
Your Black is Beautiful
You are about to go on a personal journey with me through my writing during National Poetry Month. This book is also dedicated to every black and brown child, adult who needs a reminder of the power each of you possess.
Love Out Loud
L.O.L. was created with a lot of self reflection, awareness and relevant to our current times. This book is for everyone who needs a reminder on how to treat your neighbor, yourself and the experiences of black and brown people. It's engulfed in pure love. May this book bring more awareness, empathy and love to your life.
Eyes Wide Open
A journey of my self - awakening. This book speaks about relationships with self, romance, and friendship. I wrote this book to inspire you to share your own story. No one can take that away from you. This is my story.



Your Black is Beautiful: I started reading this morning during my morning practice. I love how honest you are, thank you <3 - Allie


Your Black is Beautiful: Love the poems and they're short so they keep my attention. It's on my coffee table whenever I need a lil pick me up - Shanta


Love Out Loud: This amazing read caught me off guard with its powerful and inspiring words. I didn't expect while waiting at the barbershop, I'd meet such a talented individual and am so grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting you. Thank you for having a positive contribution to my life - Daeshawn 


L.O.L. I enjoyed your book! It gave me some life after a tough week - Roosevelt 


L.O.L. Love your book, it's a good pick me up! - Tyler


Eyes Wide Open: Very happy customer! Your work and words are real, raw & beautiful - Kimberly




Your Story is Your Power

I believe there is power in everyone's story and sharing it can inspire and/or change someone else's life. So I wrote these books to share my heart with you, my gift to inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Poetry by Eternity

Your Black is Beautiful 

You are Beauty


Beyond Measure


You are the epitome of royalty

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