Eternity Hyppolite

About Me


My name is Eternity and I wear many hats: spoken-word artist, self-published author, actor, host, fashionista, and copywriter. I am here to serve you in whatever capacity you need. My mission statement is your story is your power. I believe everyone's story is worth telling. I write to inspire others to share their own experiences. Copywriting allows me to help you with your business. Words have power and the right ones will help your business grow. Creating full-time has always been a dream. Acting, modeling, and teaching have been my top three passions since childhood. Thankful to be in a place to serve you and your business needs. 




Providing engaging, clear copy (text) for websites, print ads, and email.



I will keep the energy alive for events, such as weddings, bridal showers, fashion shows and open mics.



 If you want to revamp your wardrobe or need help with a photoshoot or special event, I'm here for all your fashion needs.









These books are for everyone who needs a reminder of how to live your best life. Love your neighbors and yourself better. We all need gentle reminders in our day to day lives.


Pre-orders available now! They will be shipped out in October.



You are about to go on a personal journey with me through my writing during National Poetry Month. This book is also for every black and brown child, adult who needs a reminder of the power each of you possess.



Love Out Loud is a collection of spoken-word poetry that was created with a lot of reflection, focus, awareness and relevant to our current times. This book is for everyone who needs a reminder of how to treat your neighbor. The time is now!



Eyes Wide Open: A journey of my self-awakening - This book is a collection of spoken-word poetry that speaks about relationships with self, romance, and friendship. I wrote this book to inspire you to live your best life and hopefully, share your own story. This is my story. Click below to purchase on Amazon!


Your Story is Your Power